A few years ago the owner had topped this pine.

Following the various gusts of recent months, the owner, for reasons of safety and tranquility, preferred to cut down this tree.

Given the steep slope of the land and the presence of the house just below, we had to be very careful ………

This pine leaned heavily over a gas tank and a road

Height about 18 m ….

The hardest is over, all that remains is to dismantle the drum and to split everything and evacuate ………..

Now the view from the terrace is much more pleasant

Many pines on the ground, blocked the view deprived the house of the sun. …..

Beforehand all the ground has been cleared.

All the branches were evacuated by hand … from the top of the field.

All the wood was cut in 50cm, split and stored on site

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We carry out all pruning work, felling / dismantling of dangerous trees.

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The small history of Macao, very condensed, is particularly aimed at people who have ENOUGH the city and its constraints ……..


Site of the famous Céline Aivitable !!!!
A collection of the best little phrases of his “Ex” ….

Voila, finished for this tree ….. but there are still a dozen and it will be finished.

In the end, this project lasted about 15 days.

The pine forest, which had not been maintained for a long time, choked the house, deprived it of sun and brightness.

Several pines behind the house had become dangerous.

The intervention was planned over a period of about 30 days ……. but the heat was right for us, (work done in July / August).

All the branches have been evacuated, the casks cut in 50 cms, split and evacuated …..

Clearing of the ground, evacuation of the dead wood …

Here … we’re finally here! a few liters less sweat but a result at the height of effort and very happy owners ……

The pines leaned towards the house and were in full mistral.

For security reasons, the owners wanted them cut down.

Work done quickly without any particular problem